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First compiled languages – Twitter survey

Dec 9, 2014 some comments

Yesterday I asked a question on the Twitters: Q: What was the first compiled programming language that you ever used? #firstcompiled— Fogus (@fogus) December 8, 2014 Amazingly I’ve received (so far) 59 responses that break down roughly into the following groups. I don’t have any interest in analyzing the data deeply,1 but I think it’s […]

The Road to Clojure Survey

Dec 20, 2011 some comments

The following form is an informal survey gauging the roots and inspirations of the Clojure community. The tone and text is (mostly) inspired (stolen) from the classic Road to Lisp Survey. Loading… :F p.s. This is my 1000th post. Seems fitting.

Programming language development: the past 5 years

Oct 18, 2011 some comments

I recently compiled a list of Perlis Languages that were meant to illustrate varying paradigms not typically found in mainstream programming languages. Those languages were meant to stretch your mind and are not necessarily representative of the state of the art in language design and implementation. In this post I will provide a list of […]