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Jun 18, 2018 one comment

While listening to Advaitic Songs by Öm and reading the ACM article “Teaching two programming languages in the first CS course” it reminded me of my faux lesson plan for a college course that no one would ever hire me to teach. In this course students would indeed use and learn two programming languages: one […]

The Marginalia Manifesto

Jan 5, 2011 some comments

I have a very strong opinion regarding the importance of clear and complete documentation. My reaction to poorly documented code, products, and services is visceral to the point where I often refuse to release even the most humble library without code comments, examples, tests, invariant definitions, a logo, and an “official website”. However, time is not always on my side for my personal projects, so I am constantly looking for ways to minimize the amount of work required to generate well-documented software without sacrificing quality. Marginalia is a step in that direction.

Favorite Apps of the Computers: 2007

May 1, 2007 some comments

In the grand old tradition, I will highlight some of my favorite computer applications. Text Editor Winner: Emacs For the 3rd straight year I have to give the medal to the quintessential operating system, errrr, shell, errr… text editor? The only downside is that it has taken me the past 3 years to finally become […]