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Scala: sharp and gets things cut

Oct 7, 2013 some comments

One of my favorite talks at last month’s Strange Loop conference was Martin Odersky‘s keynote entitled “The Trouble With Types.” There were many interesting points made in his talk, some that I agree with and some not. However, I’d like to focus in on a very small, seemingly throwaway statement made by Dr. Odersky that […]

Scala is for drivers

Sep 2, 2011 some comments

this post inspired by Volkswagen’s excellent marketing campaign ‘Drivers Wanted’ An unfortunate meme1 dogging Scala is the notion that it is a notoriously complicated language. For better or worse, I do believe that the lion-share of this general perception is fueled by both fear and lack of familiarity. That’s not to say that Scala doesn’t […]

Scala. Fare Thee Well

Mar 14, 2011 some comments

Today marks a turning point. In addition to being my first day as a member of Clojure/core and a programmer of record for Relevance Inc., it also represents my last day as a paid Scala programmer. I discovered Scala in mid-2007 and have used it professionally since early 2008. Needless to say; I have enjoyed […]

Dancing monkey gibbers on about Scala and Clojure

Jan 10, 2011 one comment

The video for my CUFP 2010 talk Naïveté vs. Experience on Scala (more-so) and Clojure (less-so) has been posted on the CUFP site.

Naïveté vs. Experience

Oct 2, 2010 some comments

Here are the slides for my talk given at the 2010 Commercial Users of Functional Programming Conference in Baltimore, MD. The talk was about how we leveraged Scala and Clojure at my workplace.

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