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A few bold, complete projects…

Aug 6, 2014 some comments

One of my favorite bloggers James Hague recently wrote a blog post entitled Timidity Does Not Convince. In this relatively short post he managed to get me thinking about programming languages and their viability in a market for mindshare, especially with his statement: The only arguments that hold water, in terms of programming language suitability, […]

Lisp in 32 lines of Ruby

Jan 25, 2012 some comments

Playing around yesterday during lunch.1 [sourcecode lang=”ruby” gist=”1677501″]You are being redirected.[/sourcecode] And the LISP ecosystem has been enriched — much like manure to the garden. uLithp Github repo — fork and reduce! :F this post was discussed on various posts and podcasts including: Ruby5, HackerNews, and Ruby Inside. BTW, this is now 2927 25 lines. […]

Function Identities

May 31, 2011 some comments

One of the first features one will encounter when exploring Clojure (and most Lisps that I am familiar with) is that its arithmetical operations can take any number of arguments. (+ 1 2 3 4 5) ;=> 15 This feature is very convenient, but if you are a tinkerer then you may quickly encounter something […]


Feb 25, 2011 some comments

For various reasons I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Ruby and I thought I would share a humdinger. Implementing functions checking for odd-ness and even-ness is often held as an example for illustrating mutual function recursion, and the same can be illustrated with Ruby: def e?(n) if true else o?(n.abs – 1) end […]

(take 8 (phil-hagelberg))

Jun 28, 2010 some comments

Continuing my series of micro-interviews with Clojure hackers I present Technomancy (aka Phil Hagelberg).

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