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Announcing: lein-simpleton

Apr 9, 2013 some comments

At various times I’ve needed something very similar to python -m SimpleHTTPServer <port> readily accessible in my Clojure projects. Most of the time I just used Python but recently I’ve wanted to rework some examples from The Joy of Clojure and thought a simple Lein plugin would make a nice addition. The result: lein-simpleton — […]

Linkage 2008.03.26 PM

Mar 26, 2008

Python decorators demistified WuFoo Cares? Revisiting The Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering God’s memory leak Software testing death spiral Great Moments in Linux History Baseball – The top 50 for five years The Occult Experience The Death of the Relational Database The problem is that the people that created the semantic web were just […]

Linkage 2008.03.25 AM

Mar 25, 2008

ZSFA: 2008-03-26 That means I?m stuck working for an industry that completely disgusts me with their greed and working on a project that will eventually mean nothing to JPMorgan. Extending Python with almost anything Things That Are Important: Where Clauses mysql –i-am-a-dummy Enfranchised Mind » My Frustrations with REXML: Ruby?s Standard Library for Reading/Writing XML; or, […]

Linkage 2007.02.18

Mar 18, 2008

Joel talks about web standards<br/> Now there are all these web pages out there with errors, because all the early web browser developers made super-liberal, friendly, accommodating browsers that loved you for who you were and didn’t care if you made a mistake. The relationship between Python and Lisp<br/> prettyprint.js<br/> DADS<br/> Usenet: Reflections on a […]

Linkage 2007.02.14

Mar 14, 2008 one comment

On continuations<br/> Search and don’t replace<br/> Beware of AJAX<br/> Some developers view AJAX view as the silver bullet for every scenario. However, AJAX introduces its own set of hazards in various areas, which include: development time, browsing history and experience, search engine interaction, accessibility, server load, and security. Debian Timeline<br/> C.S. Math @ OCW<br/> Strategy […]

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