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Jul 23, 2018

As I listen to Paperhouse by Can I’m reminded of the time that OOP started to really take off. Believe it or not, the rise of OO was driven by a real need for larger abstractions to represent increasingly larger and/or more complex systems. Likewise, the rise of Agile was a response to a real […]

FP vs. OO, from the trenches.

Jul 22, 2013 some comments

I’ve been programming for quite some time and have explored a variety of programming paradigms along the way. From time to time people will ask1 which is better: functional programming or object-oriented programming. Having done both extensively in my time I can exclaim a resounding: it depends. Lame. While I’ll never be a major player […]

An object-oriented influence graph

Jun 7, 2012 some comments

this is a follow-on to the functional programming influence graph and these graphs are intended to connect. With the help of Twitter friends I developed a directed graph of traditionally (and bolted-on) object-oriented programming languages and their influences on one another. The latest version is as follows: View the Graphviz Dot source | Render the […]

OOPs! Aphorisms!

Mar 18, 2011 one comment

Somewhere on the Internet… OO isn’t really a design consideration, it’s a metaphor. — Reginald Braithwaite Skepticism sets in… OOP describes the real-world in the same way that the metaphor “Raganwald is a diamond in the rough” describes your ability to act as a piece of jewelry. — Fogus Also… Functional Programming puts all the […]


Dec 20, 2010 some comments

I’ve been an object-oriented practitioner for years and like many others I’ve come to find it wanting. To be fair, while I think there are valid complaints against OOP in general, the more egregious failings tend to be matters of implementation. For example, in any discussion involving Java’s OOP, the faults of Java’s implementation tends […]

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