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The Best Albums of the 2000s

Dec 24, 2009 some comments

Boards of Canada – Geogaddi (2002) My friend Rob introduced this album to me about 6 years ago and it has since been in constant rotation. In many ways, it’s this album that foreshadows the entire Hauntology movement. Every track is a shining star. Untrue – Burial (2007) As Warren Ellis put it, “Dubstep’s on […]

Moleskine Notes for June 2008

Jul 16, 2008

Lambda C++ \#define Lambda(args, ret, body) \ class MakeName(__Lambda__) { \ public: ret operator() args { body; }} Lambda((int a, int b), int, return a+b) foo; cout

Linkage 2007.03.05

Mar 5, 2008

Technorati Profile<br/> Google Chart API<br/> Meta-object protocol<br/> Rails is the best thing that ever happened to Python?<br/> Software Masterpiece<br/> <br/> <br/> A rant about C++ new<br/> Most of the problems mentioned in this document stem from the fact that C++ took a particular class of functionality, namely memory allocation and object construction, and threw a […]

Linkage 2007.01.23

Jan 23, 2008

On Abandoning Xlisp-Stat<br/> My first Lisp environment<br/> The new CLIPS home<br/> What other languages should learn from Lisp<br/> Optional type declarations (Common Lisp.) CL allows, but does not require, type declarations. Eloquent Javascript<br/> 5 Whys by Joel<br/> <br/> Garlic programmers…<br/> I have noticed a trend in my own productivity: my productivity varies greatly with the […]

Su Meng

Dec 7, 2007

<br/> -m

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