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An introduction to deep code-walking macros with Clojure

Jul 17, 2013 some comments

With the release of the core.async library the Clojure community has been exposed to the joys1 of Communicating Sequential Processes and Go-style asynchronousity 2. While this is all very exciting and new for the Clojure community at-large, a likewise interesting aspect of core.async’s release has been exposed — deep code-walking macros — a subject I […]

Dancing monkey gibbers on about macros and such…

Feb 20, 2012 some comments

My talk The Macronomicon from the 2011 Clojure Conj :F

The Macronomicon Slides

Nov 15, 2011

Below you will find the slide deck for my Clojure Conj 2011 talk The Macronomicon. The Macronomicon View more presentations from Fogus A few points about this talk: The video of the talk will eventually be released through ConFreaks. These slides are available for download from SlideShare and from the complete Clojure Conj slide collection. […]

Thrush in Clojure – Redux

Sep 28, 2010 some comments

Neither Clojure’s -> nor ->> are the Thrush combinator. See why.

Monkeying with Clojure’s defmethod Macro

Aug 10, 2010 some comments

I’ve at times found the need to use the precise match form of Clojure’s multimethod dispatch value — so created a macro to make it a little easier.

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