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Upcoming talks in 2013

Aug 21, 2013 some comments

Last year I made a vow to myself that I would not give any talks in 2013 without showing code. What that really means is that any talk that I would give in 2013 had to be related to a project that I was actively working on and had working source code. The first half […]

An introduction to deep code-walking macros with Clojure

Jul 17, 2013 some comments

With the release of the core.async library the Clojure community has been exposed to the joys1 of Communicating Sequential Processes and Go-style asynchronousity 2. While this is all very exciting and new for the Clojure community at-large, a likewise interesting aspect of core.async’s release has been exposed — deep code-walking macros — a subject I […]

Using unification to write readable Clojure macros?

Apr 23, 2013 some comments

In my core.contracts code I’ve experimented with using unification to aide read- and re-readability in my macros. Often I’ve found that I’ll hit a wall when returning to a macro that I wrote long ago. A mass of documentation often helps, but I wanted something more. I think I’ve found it… or at least the […]

Announcing: lein-simpleton

Apr 9, 2013 some comments

At various times I’ve needed something very similar to python -m SimpleHTTPServer <port> readily accessible in my Clojure projects. Most of the time I just used Python but recently I’ve wanted to rework some examples from The Joy of Clojure and thought a simple Lein plugin would make a nice addition. The result: lein-simpleton — […]

Moar Joy

Feb 8, 2013 some comments

this is my first post in a series leading up to Clojure/West and the Confo If you follow my Twitterings then you might already know that Chouser and I are working on the 2nd edition of The Joy of Clojure.1 There are big changes coming mostly by way of additions since much has happened since […]

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