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Linkage 2007.02.18

Mar 18, 2008

Joel talks about web standards<br/> Now there are all these web pages out there with errors, because all the early web browser developers made super-liberal, friendly, accommodating browsers that loved you for who you were and didn’t care if you made a mistake. The relationship between Python and Lisp<br/> prettyprint.js<br/> DADS<br/> Usenet: Reflections on a […]

Linkage 2007.03.05

Mar 5, 2008

Technorati Profile<br/> Google Chart API<br/> Meta-object protocol<br/> Rails is the best thing that ever happened to Python?<br/> Software Masterpiece<br/> <br/> <br/> A rant about C++ new<br/> Most of the problems mentioned in this document stem from the fact that C++ took a particular class of functionality, namely memory allocation and object construction, and threw a […]

Linkage 2008.02.18

Feb 18, 2008

RESTful Partial Updates<br/> Gmail’s humble beginning<br/> I wrote the first version of Gmail in one day. It was not very impressive. All I did was stuff my own email into the Google Groups (Usenet) indexing engine. How To Go Slow<br/> Paul Graham on Trolls<br/> I think trolling in the broader sense has four causes. The […]

Linkage 2008.01.31

Jan 31, 2008

Hacking the OLPC, pt.2<br/> I’m living vicariously through Mr. Clementson.<br/> Arc Roundup:<br/> Announcement, Tutorial, Forum, Lambda The Ultimate, Cross-reference, Evaluating, Unicode<br/> Interview with the NetBSD 4.0 developers<br/> Interview with Linus<br/> “I figured out the best way to kill productivity is to give talks and go to meetings,” says Linus, who says he now avoids doing […]

Linkage 2007.12.05

Dec 5, 2007

Pylets<br/> Pylets is an object- and aspect-oriented framework for making mod_python applications. This is nice motivation for a little project that I am working on currently. CGI Python<br/> Again, some research for my own little project.<br/> Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs (brilliant)<br/> Cartography<br/> The intent of the map should be illustrated in a manner […]

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