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Scala. Fare Thee Well

Mar 14, 2011 some comments

Today marks a turning point. In addition to being my first day as a member of Clojure/core and a programmer of record for Relevance Inc., it also represents my last day as a paid Scala programmer. I discovered Scala in mid-2007 and have used it professionally since early 2008. Needless to say; I have enjoyed […]

Baysick: A Scala DSL Implementing BASIC

Mar 26, 2009 some comments

This post was featured on the Scala website. It is advised to jump there first and then sneak back here … eventually. A couple weeks back I came across a post on creating the simplest possible BASIC DSL written in Scala by Szymon Jachim. The implementation itself was dead simple to understand, but I suspected […]