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An introduction to deep code-walking macros with Clojure

Jul 17, 2013 some comments

With the release of the core.async library the Clojure community has been exposed to the joys1 of Communicating Sequential Processes and Go-style asynchronousity 2. While this is all very exciting and new for the Clojure community at-large, a likewise interesting aspect of core.async’s release has been exposed — deep code-walking macros — a subject I […]


Feb 20, 2013

A little less than a month from today the Clojure/West conference takes place in Portland, OR. I attended the first Clojure/West and actually gave a talk entitled ClojureScript Anatomy. This year however I’m not presenting, but I’ll still be there. tl;dr The Conf° collocated with Clojure/West is happening on the evening of Tues Mar. 19th […]

Moar Joy

Feb 8, 2013 some comments

this is my first post in a series leading up to Clojure/West and the Confo If you follow my Twitterings then you might already know that Chouser and I are working on the 2nd edition of The Joy of Clojure.1 There are big changes coming mostly by way of additions since much has happened since […]


Jan 22, 2013

Code documentation is like raising kids; you can’t just bring a document into the world and hope it’ll fend for itself. The art of writing documentation and documentation tools is an ongoing learning, modification and improvement process. Sadly, I have been somewhat lax in the past year tending my documentation babies. This post is my […]

Some Lisp books (and then some)

Jul 25, 2012 some comments

Some Lisp books caveat: tthis is not a best-of nor a comprehensive list of Lisp books; it is merely a selection of Lisp books you may not have heard of or that special to me in some way. If you find this post interesting then you might like my yearly best-of posts. My first Lisp […]

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