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Oct 5, 2018

As I listen to “Again” by Silver Apples I’m reminded of something I like to call “Computational Fruit Flies.” CFFs are generally small pieces of code (note: not golf) that allow a minimal representation of a larger idea. I’ve built a whole series of pamphlets around the dissection of CFFs and have spent inordinate amount of time building ever more, so needless to say I am into this. Indeed, a dream of mine is to write an entire book on the analysis of 50 lines of code… now to find those 50-lines.

I’d love to find a network of likeminded individuals who’re interested in trading no-longer needed computer books amongst one another. While it would be nice to unload the more recent fare like The Rust Programming Language (which was pretty good BTW) I’m really more interested in exploring the dried husks of computational literature like: Miranda: The Craft of Functional Programming, Operating Systems Design: The XINU Approach, and Essential Lisp.

If you’re interested in such a network then my trade list is available online.

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  1. Argh, I used to have the Miranda book, but I lost it at some point during one of my recent moves (where I could bring increasingly fewer books each time). :(

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