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Nov 27, 2018 some comments

While listening to Starboy by The Weekend I’m reminded about some codebases that I have to dive into more deeply. When reading codebases, be they for fun or profit, I tend to take a systematic approach to exposing them, described as: Get it building and running – not always as easy as it should/could be. […]


Oct 25, 2018 some comments

As I listen to “Soup” by Can I’m reminded of the time when Alan Kay took some time to post on Hacker News addressing his thoughts and ideas about object-oriented programming. For raw context read the original thread, but in this post I’ll attempt to annotate some of what was posted. For the purpose of […]


Oct 17, 2018 one comment

As I listen to “Monster” by Steppenwolf I’m reminded of my mother. Earlier this year she passed away due to complications from an infection. As a kid I was surrounded by music. My mother was alone in raising me for a large portion of my early childhood and as a result we spent a lot […]


Oct 5, 2018 one comment

As I listen to “Again” by Silver Apples I’m reminded of something I like to call “Computational Fruit Flies.” CFFs are generally small pieces of code (note: not golf) that allow a minimal representation of a larger idea. I’ve built a whole series of pamphlets around the dissection of CFFs and have spent inordinate amount […]


Aug 1, 2018 some comments

Listening to Cafe Apres-Midi:Olive I’m reminded that I was once a die-hard adherent to strong statically typed languages. Since that time I’ve moved into more dynamic languages, but static thinking and programming still holds a spot in my heart. Below I’ll just briefly about the aspects of static languages and type systems that made a […]

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