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Announcing core.memoize version 0.5.2

Jul 13, 2012 one comment

core.memoize v0.5.2 Release Notes core.memoize is a Clojure contrib library providing the following features: An underlying PluggableMemoization protocol that allows the use of customizable and swappable memoization caches that adhere to the synchronous CacheProtocol found in core.cache Memoization builders for implementations of common caching strategies, including: First-in-first-out (memo-fifo) Least-recently-used (memo-lru) Least-used (memo-lu) Time-to-live (memo-ttl) Naive […]

Announcing core.cache version 0.6.1

Jul 13, 2012 one comment

core.cache v0.6.1 Release Notes core.cache is a new Clojure contrib library providing the following features: An underlying CacheProtocol used as the base abstraction for implementing new synchronous caches A defcache macro for hooking your CacheProtocol implementations into the Clojure associative data capabilities. Immutable implementations of some basic caching strategies First-in-first-out (FIFOCache) Least-recently-used (LRUCache) Least-used (LUCache) […]

Clojure Obscura

Jul 9, 2012 some comments

Below is a list of projects and ideas manifesting in, or discussed in relation to, Clojure. The common thread between the items is that they represent a different way of thinking about the art of programming in Clojure, or otherwise. In no particular order. Please let me know if I’ve left something out. Contracts core.contracts […]

This PLT Life: Self-documenting code

Jul 6, 2012 some comments

Inspired1 by Manuel Simoni’s This PLT Life series I present, “When someone tells me they’ve written self-documenting code”: :F Stolen ↩

POLL: Which Apple-associated programming language is your favorite?

Jun 29, 2012

Apple created and modified many programming languages for use in its systems and devices. Some of these languages went on to survive while others died. Which one is your favorite? Online poll from GoPollGo

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