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Phil Bagwell, Rest in Peace

Oct 15, 2012 some comments

Via the Typesafe blog I learned that Phil Bagwell recently passed away. I met Phil at the 2011 Clojure Conj and had the absolute pleasure to wine and dine with him during the course of the weekend. Four things stand out to me from that time: He had an amazing sense of humor. I was […]

Structure editing a-go-go with Nokolisp

Oct 12, 2012


Oct 9, 2012 some comments

The most interesting programming languages moving forward, in my opinion, are languages targeting an existing host platform. Regardless of your opinion of the following languages, I think that the reason for their buzz, power and (eventual?) success is due to their embrace of their host targets: Elixir is a programming language targeting the Erlang virtual […]

Adventures in tearing

Sep 29, 2012 some comments

An interesting thought exercise is to pull apart ideas that are typically thought inseparable. One could call this act decomplecting,1 but for the purposes of this post I’ll coin the term “adventures in tearing.” A few interesting examples in the wild include: Kernel The Kernel programming language pulls apart function creation into two parts: 1. […]

The Amazing Colossal Science Fiction Ketchup!

Sep 21, 2012 some comments

Compared to many of my colleagues, friends and hamsters I’ve read a pathetic amount of science fiction in my lifetime. It’s not that I never liked sci-fi, in fact much of what I’ve read I like very much, I just never really got around to it. Therefore, in an effort to “catch-up” I’m taking it […]

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