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Released core.cache v0.6.2

Aug 14, 2012

core.cache v0.6.2 Release Notes

core.cache is a Clojure contrib library providing the following features:

  • An underlying CacheProtocol used as the base abstraction for implementing new synchronous caches

  • A defcache macro for hooking your CacheProtocol implementations into the Clojure associative data capabilities.

  • Immutable implementations of some basic caching strategies

    • First-in-first-out (FIFOCache)
    • Least-recently-used (LRUCache)
    • Least-used (LUCache)
    • Time-to-live (TTLCache)
    • Soft-Reference cache (SoftCache)
    • Naive cache (BasicCache)
  • Implementation of an efficient buffer replacement policy based on the low inter-reference recency set algorithm (LIRSCache) described in the LIRS paper

  • Factory functions for each existing cache type


You can use core.cache in your Leiningen and Cake projects with the following :dependencies directive in your project.clj file:

[org.clojure/core.cache "0.6.2"]

For Maven-driven projects, use the following slice of XML in your pom.xml‘s <dependencies> section:




Changes from v0.6.1

The v0.6.2 version of core.cache contains the following changes:

  • Removed reflection warnings.

  • Bug fix for LRU, LU and TTL caches disabling the eviction of duplicate keys prior to a threshold less than three.

  • FIFOCache respects threshold prior to applying its eviction policy.


The following capabilities are under design, development, or consideration for future versions of core.cache:

  • More speed!
  • Make ClojureScript compatible
  • Asynchronous caching protocol
  • FunCache implementation
  • LIRSCache evict
  • Hardening of the seed function implementations
  • test.generative usage
  • Deprecation of Clache
  • More documentation and examples

More planning is needed around capabilities not listed nor thought of.

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