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A quick review of “Money” by Martin Amis

Jan 23, 2012

Although I typically do not post book reviews on my blog1, I’ll try to do so when the mood hits me.

Money by Martin Amis

Money is often lauded as one of the best novels of the 20th century, and was loved by Christopher Hitchens. This love is not for a bad reason despite my lukewarm feelings about this book. If you’re a fan of transgressional fiction this is an early example, and definitely one of the best. In my mid twenties I enjoyed all things transgressional, but over time they lose the ability to shock. I suppose I read this book 10-years too late.

For hundreds of pages nothing really happens. You basically follow a hedonist John Self around from one humiliation to the next. Like most transgressional fiction, there is no character to identify with nor even like. The appeal is that transgressional fiction is literary rubber-necking.

Money had me for about 100 pages … and then I realized that the carnival of debauchery was the plot. I guess I should not have been surprised by that revelation.

Eventually a plot twist happens.

Eventually the book ends (my favorite part).

I’m happy to report that it was well written.

  1. Since much of what I work on and study these days is related to double-secret projects I’m struggling to find relevant technical topics to post about. Therefore, posts like this help me to keep motivated for writing, and to prevent the spiderwebs from forming on the site. The more technical posts are not dead, only in development

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