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The Macronomicon Slides

Nov 15, 2011

Below you will find the slide deck for my Clojure Conj 2011 talk The Macronomicon. The Macronomicon View more presentations from Fogus A few points about this talk: The video of the talk will eventually be released through ConFreaks. These slides are available for download from SlideShare and from the complete Clojure Conj slide collection. […]

In the Shadow of John McCarthy

Nov 3, 2011 some comments

John McCarthy was a genius of the highest order. Much is known about his contribution to Lisp as its inventor, but he was also the mind behind much of early AI research, the progenitor of much of computer chess, and the initiator of time-sharing. As a Lisp advocate I have many thanks due to John […]

Joy of Clojure: The Movie

Oct 27, 2011

Made with Gource and ffmpeg and Github. Direct link :F

Programming language development: the past 5 years

Oct 18, 2011 some comments

I recently compiled a list of Perlis Languages that were meant to illustrate varying paradigms not typically found in mainstream programming languages. Those languages were meant to stretch your mind and are not necessarily representative of the state of the art in language design and implementation. In this post I will provide a list of […]

Why Clojure doesn’t need invokedynamic, but it might be nice

Oct 14, 2011 some comments

this is the third entry in an n-part series explaining the compilation techniques of Clojure.1 There was an interesting discussion about invokedynamic on the Clojure mailing list focused on the need for and potential benefits of invokedynamic. Granted this topic is often quite technical, so I suppose that it’s understandable that confusion and disagreement would […]

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