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The long-lost art of thoughtfulness in blogging

Mar 27, 2011

Whether this blog qualifies as a thoughtful blog is debatable, however in my time I’m come across great examples of blogs that strive to further the quality of online discourse.1 The following are not always technical in nature, but they will teach you much regardless.

in no particular order. totally dead (even if bitching) blogs not included. sorry if I forgot yours. suggestions welcomed in comments. the first in a series of ‘long-lost art of…‘ posts.

Trivium by Christian Neukirchen

Possibly the only good Tumblog ever created, except for maybe his first (and the first — long since dead).

Dadhacker by Landon Dyer

Fun stories from the trenches of long-extinct tech wars.2

Moonbase by MenTaLguY

Teetering on the brink of extinction, but the archives are gold.

Stevie’s Blog Rants by Steve Yegge

Iconic. Sadly infrequent.

The Art of Manliness

Not what you might think. Tasteful guides for men.

Alex Payne’s blog

A case-study of humility in blogging. by Nurullah Akkaya

My absolute favorite Clojure blog. Top-notch non-Clojure material also.

Factor: a practical stack language by Slava Pestov

Mr. Pestov seems to have been sucked into the Google Vortex, but the archives are platnum.

Arcane Sentiment

Lisp-centric (not exclusively however) blog about various … uh … arcane topics.

The Blogging of Prolog by Victor Lagerkvist

A relatively new blog, but I’ve loved every post so far. I miss Prolog.

Conal Elliott’s blog

I don’t often understand this blog, but I strive to.

Tony Morris’ blog

Pushing the limits of Scala and Java’s type systems. Ditto on the understanding and the striving.

John Rose’s blog

Deep dives into all things JVM.

Wisdom and Wonder by Grant Rettke

Very wide in scope, but always interesting. Nice links to research, PLT, and Racket abound.

Matt Might’s blog

Probably the blog I’d like to write if I had the skill.

Apocalisp by Rúnar Óli

Java, concurrency, Scala, type systems… it’s all deep and thought-provoking.

Kazimir Majorinc’s Lisp Notes

Insane (in a good way) NewLisp hacking.


There is no other way to describe this blog. Mind. Blown. Always.

LoperOS by Stanislav Datskovskiy

This guy hates Clojure, but who cares? His passion is infectious.

The Axis of Eval by Manuel Simoni

I rarely agree with Mr. Simoni, but he never fails to make me think. Great paper links from time to time also.

The Racket Blog

The Racket language blows me away.

Code Commit by Daniel Spiewak

Ultimate in Scala hacking… although his concatenative posts are my favorite.

One Div Zero by Jame Iry

Fun and always thoughtful. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with his wit or brilliance.

Stuff With Stuff by (Munificent) Bob Nystrom

Langdev to the max. The truest example of a language development diary that I’ve come across.

Programming Language Synchronicity by Ola Bini

Another major entry in the daily (although infrequently updated these days) mind of a language developer.

Homoiconic by Reginald (raganwald) Braithwaite

The pinnacle of thoughtfulness in blogging. A great mix of wisdom and tech.


  1. Whether they always succeed is another story. The striving is the important part. 

  2. The stories, while long past, should be familiar. What does that say about our industry? 

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  1. Thanks for the links. A lot of them have gone straight into my feed reader. The Nakkaya link is broken by the way. Also have you had a chance to look at Robert Harper’s new blog:

  2. @Basu

    Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. It’s been fixed.

    I have not had a chance to read Mr. Harper’s blog yet, but I realize it’s created quite a stir in its short life. I look forward to reading it.


  3. If I may suggest Programming in the 21st Century

    Definitively thoughtful blog posts. I like to think of them as advice from a mentor and food for thoughts.

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