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OOPs! Aphorisms!

Mar 18, 2011

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OO isn’t really a design consideration, it’s a metaphor. — Reginald Braithwaite

Skepticism sets in…

OOP describes the real-world in the same way that the metaphor “Raganwald is a diamond in the rough” describes your ability to act as a piece of jewelry. — Fogus


Functional Programming puts all the symbols and problem-space in your head at one time — you become the linker. — Daniel Markham


Functional thinking is less about functions than data. — Fogus

No no…

if you’re writing FP in a legacy environment with lots of nasty complex data structures you have a big headache. This would not be true in the same data environment with a well-constructed OO tier. — Daniel Markham


With fp languages the tendency is to think in data and abstract via functions. — Fogus


I don’t know that OO’s main goal is to be readable, but rather to manage complexity. — ahlatimer

But what if…

Complexity comes in many flavors. One of those flavors is mutable state. — Devin



OO is not dead, but pieces of it are definitely gangrenous. — Fogus

So instead…



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  1. Julian Morrison

    OOP has had two good ideas (composition and interfaces) and one horribly bad one (inheritance). Alas, everyone picked up and ran with the bad one.

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