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Dancing monkey gibbers on about Scala and Clojure

Jan 10, 2011

The video for my CUFP 2010 talk Naïveté vs. Experience on Scala (more-so) and Clojure (less-so) has been posted on the CUFP site. I’ve embedded the video below, but please do consider visiting the original site to see the other nice talks.

Naïveté vs. Experience – or, How We Thought We Could Use Scala and Clojure and How We Actually Did from Scott Smith on Vimeo.

The slides for the talk were posted a while back.


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  1. I really wish you’d talked about how big of a deal static typing was in choosing Scala, how much that ended up helping the team, when and to what degree it was a problem, and compare interactive development in Scala and Clojure. Feel free to do so now in the comments :)

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