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Unifycle phased out

Oct 18, 2010

A month ago I announced a unification library for Clojure named Unifycle. A month later I am phasing that library out in favor of this new unification library for Clojure. If you have adopted Unifycle or plan to, then please keep an eye on the other location. More information to come.

and here is that information, from Rich Hickey himself.


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  1. (int n) is not a type hint it’s a coercion. A type hint would be (def fib [#^Integer n] ). On my maihcne, this actually slows things down. by about 10%.Using unchecked math without the type hint is even worse it’s about 18 times slower. (unchecked-dec n) is slightly slower than (unchecked-subtract n 1).The only version I’ve come up with that’s faster than the original used both a type hint and unchecked math. This was twice as fast:(defn fib [#^Integer n] (if (<= n 1) 1 (+ (fib (unchecked-subtract n 1)) (fib (unchecked-subtract n 2)))))

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