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Joy of Clojure – In the Books!

Aug 5, 2010

Chouser and I have finished our book, The Joy of Clojure. Actually, it is still due for a heavy editing pass and a technical review1, but the content is there and the final phases are underway. Amazon has a listed date of November 30th, but we hope it’ll be available before then. No promises I suppose.

We’ve updated the official Table of Contents also. Some of the more obvious changes are as follows:

  • A foreword2
  • An introductory chapter
  • “Putting Things Together” sections
  • Much more information about namespaces
  • A tale about the influence of Ho-Hos® on the design of Scheme
  • Records
  • A section about locking
  • A section about debugging
  • An annotated bibliography
  • An index (man that was painful)

The sections that were previously listed were rolled into the dialogue of other sections (where appropriate). There is still work to be done:

  • A small section about “Getting Clojure”3
  • Auxiliary content
  • The obvious changes from the technical and editorial reviews
  • Layouts
  • Source code made available

Thanks to all for the feedback (please keep it coming — there’s still time).


  1. I would mention the reviewer except I’m not sure if he wants to be revealed. I’ll let him comment here if he so desires. In any case, we are very excited to work with him. 

  2. We hit the jackpot on the foreword. It’s a secret at the moment, but we are very excited and honored. 

  3. We are leaning toward an “official” Joy of Clojure distro using David Edgar Liebke‘s cljr

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  1. Mike K.

    I thought the whole book was about “Getting Clojure” :-)

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