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Getting Started with Clojure

Apr 6, 2010

Stuart Halloway has been hard at work putting together a getting started with Clojure guide for those new to the language. This is highly recommended reading and if you find the information useful then please consider linking to it yourself and contributing to the effort.

Topics include:

Also worth noting is Halloway and Hickey’s labrepl — a really nice way to get a Clojure REPL up and running with learning material attached to boot!


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  1. I like labrepl but this “Getting Started” page could use some more generic instructions or at least some advice on which of the six IDE options to start with.

    I’m sure Stuart realizes this and will flesh out the intro soon.

  2. The instructions will grow over time both in detail as well as covering other alternatives. The inclusions at the moment seem to be the most popular IDE options for Clojure, but if you have another I’m sure that someone would be willing to help put something together. :m

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