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Joy of Clojure TOC Updates

Mar 10, 2010

Chouser and I are working hard to get the material for the upcoming (next week, covering chapters 1-7) technical review in order. However, we hope to have an update to the MEAP available sooner rather than later. However, the site has been updated with the forthcoming table of contents. The changes can be summarized as:

  • Old chapter 1 goes to front matter
  • Old chapter 2 is new chapter 1, merged with an intro section
  • Everything else moves down a chapter number
  • Chapter 7 (Macros) gets more material
  • Chapter 10 (Concurrency) will discuss cells
  • Part contents rearranged a bit
  • Plus some other stuff (ooooo, exciting)


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  1. Good. Why are you even here? You should be writing!!!!!!

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