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Devolving Sigils

Feb 26, 2009 some comments

Sigils are little symbols attached to a variable name that provide some information regarding its type, scope, or simply marking it as different from non-variables. There is very little middle-ground on the opinion toward variable sigils among programmers; you either love them, or you hate them. The quintessential language containing sigils is probably Perl, followed […]

Atwood’s not SOLID

Feb 12, 2009 one comment

Jeff Atwood, the patron saint of NNPPs, recently wrote a post decrying SOLID as Ferengi programming. Stepping back, SOLID is a set of principles outlined by Robert Martin that distill his 200 years of Object-oriented programming into a set of best practices fostering agility, testability, extensibility, and any other ity that you can think of. […]

Yegge, Clojure, Arc, and Lolita: or Days of Future Past

Feb 6, 2009 some comments

This post was discussed thoroughly on Hacker News. Even Mr. Graham was kind enough to comment — though not in the affirmative. There was moderate discussion on Reddit as well. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Steve Yegge wrote an essay on Common Lisp named Lisp is not an Acceptable Lisp. […]

Importing Sp3w

Jan 26, 2009

I used to have a little tumblog named Sp3w that I stopped about 10 months ago that I have just gotten around to importing. -m

On Lisp -> Clojure: ProloG (pt. 1)

Jan 15, 2009 some comments

; As always, I will post when the code is “complete”, but my progress can be followed on Github. Also, this post is executable, just copy and paste into a Clojure REPL. (comment “ Posts in this series: ch. 2, ch. 2 redux, ch. 3, ch. 4, ch. 5, ProloG pt. 1 First, let me […]

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