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My programming languages history

Jul 10, 2009

My programming languages history I find it fascinating to read personal programming histories and seek them out whenever possible (still waiting for one from Grant Rettke, Ola Bini, Rich Hickey, Dan Weinreb, and D.R. MacIver). In case anyone is interested, my own programming story is below. 1983 – 1990: Commodore 64 BASIC Made RPG and […]

Pet Projects

May 29, 2009 some comments

I have accumulated a set of pet projects that I tend to cycle through when learning new languages. Each pet project scratches a certain itch and each requires differing approaches for solving. When learning a new language I like to solve two or more of these pet projects in order to get a feel for the capabilities and shortcomings of said language.

Abused Computing Terms

May 15, 2009 some comments

After reading David MacIver’s recent post on the term functional I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of computing terms and ideas that are often abused: Functional DSL Combinator Closure Monad (on the rise) Lisp has no syntax Immutability (more so in practice) “… Considered Harmful” Hacker Enterprise The Cloud AJAX REST […]

Baysick: A Scala DSL Implementing BASIC

Mar 26, 2009 some comments

This post was featured on the Scala website. It is advised to jump there first and then sneak back here … eventually. A couple weeks back I came across a post on creating the simplest possible BASIC DSL written in Scala by Szymon Jachim. The implementation itself was dead simple to understand, but I suspected […]

(Building) The 7 Books of a Highly Effective Programmer

Mar 11, 2009 some comments

Like many programmers, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect programming book. Over the years I have tried to enumerate a few key examples, however after reading them all I am still left wanting. However, I recently came across a couple interesting blog posts [^motivation] that motivated me that the only way to find the set of perfect books for programmers was to build them myself.

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