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Polyglots All

Aug 7, 2009

After reading Robert Fischer’s article about Polyglot Programming, I decided to make a list of languages used frequently on my current project 1 (in no particular order):

emacs lisp, java, ant, drools, python, jython, 
sql, jsp, make, ruby, javascript, xslt, velocity, 
hibernate hbm, hql, bash, antlr, freemarker, 
scala, html, css, confluence markup, xpath,
regular expressions, and more I'm forgetting

Adding in a few more that exist in our codebase (but not used directly by myself):

c++, perl, csh, idl, and more I'm forgetting

Add to this my team’s internal DSLs for object model specification, building, and deploying AND the countless APIs used; which in their own right could be considered “languages”. If I went further and listed the languages that I’ve been exposed to in my career, then this post would be even more boring; just trust me, it’s a lot.

Make your own list — you’ll be surprised how big it is.

We are polyglots all.


  1. With Clojure on the way… if I get my way. ;) 

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