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Notes for “The Man Who Loved Only Numbers”

Jul 18, 2008


The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

aleph-null, aleph-1, logarithms and Richter, elementary number theory, unit fractions, The Art of Counting, twin primes, number roundness, Ramsey Theory, friendly numbers, perfect numbers, Mersenne primes, 4th dimension

relatively prime, partitions, Smith numbers, Ruth-Aaron pairs, combinatorics, The Revolt of the Angels, continuum hypothesis, inaccessible cardinals, Monty Hall dilema



Pythagoras, Newton, Fermat, Gauss, Hilbert, Einstein, Cantor, Gödel, Stanislaw Ulam, Whitehead, Wiles, Poincare, Euler

Aleph-null – Corresponds 1-1 with cardinals

Aleph-one – As reals. Always more decimal places to fill.

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