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Linkage 2007.03.12

Mar 12, 2008

Stroustrup on C++<br/> Is 91 prime?<br/> 9 Rails Tips<br/> First class Patterns<br/> Algorithms<br/> HTTP Headers Status<br/> Rvalue<br/> Python/C extensions by hand<br/> Maybe Scala<br/> TaffyDB<br/> AWS::S3<br/> 37signals is so arrogantand the response<br/> strategery.rb<br/> 20 sites for better web development<br/> Arc I/O<br/> Dick Gabriel on Lisp<br/> Duby<br/> Lisp-style OO<br/> Erlang sucks?<br/> Franz Inc. History<br/> Dynamic vs. static<br/> osxdock.js<br/> Great ideas in C.S.<br/> PCs, no good for games?<br/> Decoding a mini-lang<br/> Hipp on SQLite<br/> GRRM interview<br/> Hacking yur website<br/> Increasing coding confidence<br/> Commenting code<br/> Book theft<br/> & Teller

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Donkey Kong and Me<br/> F# Lists<br/> Video Python<br/> 3dengine.xls<br/> Arc setforms<br/> Approximate schema size with Python<br/> William F. Buckley was controversial<br/> Testers are dumb?<br/> The War of the Roses<br/> wiki<br/> -m

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