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Linkage 2007.02.27

Feb 27, 2008

High quality image resize with Java<br/>

Quick intro to gc<br/>

The degradation of beautiful software<br/>

Casual crypto for dummies<br/>

Uniquely-decodable codes<br/>

But if you don’t want to transmit the extra delimiters, you can save bandwidth by making your code uniquely-decodable even without delimiters. The delimiters are a special case of a more general principle, which is that a prefix code is always uniquely-decodable. A prefix code is one where no code word is a prefix of another.

Bash history<br/>

37signals @ Wired (and the response)<br/>

Turing tar-pit<br/>

A Turing tar pit is a Turing-complete virtual machine that doesn’t support straightforward implementation of bread-and-butter programmer stuff.

Unit testing resources<br/>

Problems with hash (tables)<br/>

What relevance does number theory and abstract algebra have for such a basic data structure as hash tables? Quite a lot, it turns out.


GADTs are at the cutting edge of functional programming and become more widely used every day. Nevertheless, the semantic foundations underlying GADTs are not well understood.

ECMAscript 4.0<br/>

RESTful Webservices home<br/>

We want to restore the World Wide Web to its rightful place as a respected architecture for distributed programming. We want to shift the focus of web service programming from an RPC-style architecture that just happens to use HTTP as a transfer protocol, to a URI-based architecture that uses the technologies of the web to their fullest.

Do not learn Perl<br/>


One of the things that really intrigues me this little snippet of code, (1..100).inject(&:+), is that you can tell an awful lot about someone’s attitude towards programming styles, languages, and cultural bias by asking them what they think of it.

Programming language comparison<br/>

Linear Lisp?<br/>

Linear Lisp requires the programmer to make explicit any duplication and deletion, but he is repaid through better error checking during compilation and better utilization of resources (time, space) at run-time. Furthermore, distributed and/or parallel execution becomes quite palatable in Linear Lisp.

Functional flow control<br/>


Diecimila PLUS<br/>

Zaurus cross-compilation (older)<br/>

Roll your own distro<br/>


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