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Linkage 2007.02.05

Feb 4, 2008

Design Issues for Foreign Function Interfaces<br/>

The Arc Challenge<br/>

The main fault they find with Arc is that I don’t seem to have had to work hard enough writing it.



The Cult of Bootstrapping<br/>

APIs to APIs<br/>

Arc-ish programming in Python<br/>

Anyhow, I think the discussion surrounding Arc is the best thing that’s happening right now. So, if you’re contributing, keep it up. Lots of interesting stuff coming out.

FlickrFS (keeps me from having to create some bass-ackward implementation of my own — whew)<br/>

git as next UNIX?<br/>

What Arc does right?<br/>

I like the general idea of getting rid of unnecessary parens, though I think this is not as big a deal as Paul seems to think it is.


DDJ: Python and Concurrency<br/>

Jump start metabolism<br/>

Ruby smells?<br/>

It doesn’t have anything to do with bison or any other LALR parser generator. It has to do with the fact that Ruby has a very complex syntax, and Ruby before 1.9 made decisions that forever eliminated certain kinds of convenient expression. One could argue these were bad decisions. I am about to argue that they were very bad decisions.


Android sneek preview

Rails on OSX<br/>


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