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Linkage 2007.01.14

Jan 14, 2008

RIP Chandler<br/>

24th Anniversary Mac<br/>

The rise of functional for 2008<br/>

The other driver for adoption of functional programming languages, besides the architectural benefits it has to solve current problems, is the fact that languages such as F# and Scala have adopted a more hybrid model in their language design…

Fighting clutter<br/>

Make it a rule: for every new item that comes into your life, you need to remove two.

CYE about Python web frameworks<br/>

Another thing we had was Python fans without significant Java experience continually emitting FUD about the JVM, which blows my mind. I have been following Python pretty closely for over a year now, and the amount of ignorance about Java in the Python community still surprises me.

Free blank world maps<br/> -m

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