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Linkage 2007.01.11

Jan 11, 2008

On plastic containers<br/>

Sometimes found in clear food packaging, #3 PVC, the second most commonly used plastic in the world, is a toxic plastic dangerous both to our health and to the environment.

Recognizing good programmers<br/>

I believe that good developers are always passionate about programming. Good developers would do some programming even if they weren’t being paid for it. Good programmers will have a tendency to talk your ear off about some technical detail of what they’re working on…

Rails Sucks?<br/>

What they all boil down to, in effect, is that some people get immensely irritated because Rails does not conform to their idea of perfection.

On the iPhone<br/>

For those working on the iPhone, the next three months would be the most stressful of their careers. Screaming matches broke out routinely in the hallways. Engineers, frazzled from all-night coding sessions, quit, only to rejoin days later after catching up on their sleep.

Knuth and TeX<br/>

TeX was one of the first major markup languages. The idea was that you’d write the text of your document, and mixed into the text, you’d include commands that described how you’d like things to be typeset. Then you’d run the whole shebang through a TeX processor, and it would generate the perfectly typeset results.

Scheme on the OLPC<br/>

GTD is not the problem<br/>

People really like the idea of GTD and could definitely see the benefit, but were really having trouble making it work across the board (at work as well as at home).

Write your tests first<br/>

When you develop your automated tests first, you know that pretty much anything important that needs to happen in your program will happen, or if it doesn’t, at least it will tell you.

Let’s go scripting…<br/>


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