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Two Langdev Books to L@@k

Nov 23, 2007

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Linkage: 2007.11.23

Nov 23, 2007 one comment

“Space Prison” by Tom Godwin<br/> Plus Warren Ellis’ comments on this particular novel. Spring v2.5 Released<br/> * Full Java 6 and Java EE 5 support (JDBC 4.0, JTA 1.1, JavaMail 1.4, JAX-WS 2.0) * Full-featured annotation-driven dependency injection, including support for ‘qualifiers’ * Support for auto-detecting application components in the classpath and auto-configuring them as […]

Pirated Television in Chicago

Nov 23, 2007

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Modus Ponens

Nov 21, 2007

What is Modus Ponens? Latin: mode that affirms Modus Ponens, also known as Implication-Elimination, is an inference rule stating simply that given an implication and the presence of its premise, the consequent can be taken as true. In formal terms, Modus Ponens is generally written as: a => B, a B Of course, the => […]

Linkage: 2007.11.19

Nov 19, 2007

<br/> JGame<br/> Here is the 3.0 release at last! It has full support for mobiles, and four of the games were specifically adapted to run nicely on mobiles. There have been major structural changes to the project (and the zip is more than twice as large now). Todd Veldhuizen papers<br/> The original intent of templates […]

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