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Linkage 2007.12.29

Dec 28, 2007

Application Frameworks<br/>

Set theory useless?<br/>

In other words most of mathematics can be carried out in second order arithmetic: roughly speaking this means that one can use the integers and subsets of the integers but nothing more complicated.

MLB’s 2007 Wild and Wacky

What was the most mathematically impossible pitching feat of the year? Kiko Calero marched into a July 12 A’s-Twins game, threw just one pitch, gave up a hit and still worked 2/3 of an inning.


Squeaky Books by Kay<br/>

104 books in 2007<br/>


Freenode FAQ<br/>

Basic Roleplaying update 2008!<br/>


YAP6 Range Operators<br/>

The Trouble with Five<br/>

Why did I not mention a regular tiling by pentagons? It turns out that no such tiling can exist, and it’s not too hard to see why: a regular pentagon has five interior angles of 108°.


A simple template engine, written in Python. Templates hold no logic, with nodes being cloned and repeated according the the data applied.

Abstraction Addiction<br/>

I admit that I am an abstraction addict. I keep searching for higher-order ways to develop software. I strive to represent stuff with some kind of compact math-like notation or factor out the repetition and parameterize the differences rather than long-winded loops and IF statements.


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