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Linkage 2007.12.21

Dec 21, 2007

Serve SQL Data in XML Format<br/>

Resist the temptation to build the XML by mixing the tags in the source document with the scripting code generating the tag values. Sooner or later, you’ll trip on one of the XML encoding rules you haven’t anticipated.

Object Oriented JavaScript pt.1<br/>

While the above may at first look like it is just more complicated there are actually practical reasons for using this coding style. The most notible[sic] is re-usability.

(not sure if I agree with his motivations, but I like the article nonetheless)<br/>

Good things come in small packages<br/>

A modest collection of productivity software is included with the Eee, most notably the (OOo) office suite. Unfortunately, OOo is sluggish and memory-intensive, which makes it a poor choice for a laptop with limited system resources.

Ugly Code? Who cares?<br/>

Sure, we programmers are paid to care what the code looks like. We worry about the guts of our applications. It’s our job. We want to write code in friendly, modern languages that make our work easier and less error-prone. We’d love any opportunity to geek out and rewrite everything in the newest, sexiest possible language. It’s all perfectly natural.

Next 5 songs:<br/>

Untitled 4 - Sigur Rós - ( )
NWO - Ministry - Greatest Fits
The Crystal Ship - The Doors - The Doors
Eddie Vedder - Local H - As Good As Dead
Wave Of Mutilation - Pixies - Doolittle

GSK C library<br/>

Hatin’ on Maven (understood)<br/>

Paradoxically, by trying to make dependency management easy, maven makes it incredibly hard. It becomes dangerously easy for a project to accumulate dependency cruft —— at best unnecessary, at worst conflicting —— and excruciatingly painful to remove them.


BUG Wiki<br/>

Slim GTD<br/>

Make three lists. Revise them daily and weekly.

Lispm manual<br/>

The following variables’ values actually reside in the scratchpad memory of the processor. They are put there by dtp-one-q-forward invisible pointers. The values of these variables are used by the microcode.

MacLisp manual<br/>

Bray on Java Closures<br/>

But you know, I could be wrong. Maybe there’s a way to build closures into the Java language in a way that’ll add power smoothly with no real downside.

Unobtrusive js<br/>

Quite simply put, it’s removing JavaScript from the source of the document, and including it in an external file. That’s what unobtrusive JavaScript IS – but what is far more important is what unobtrusive JavaScript symbolizes.

js game library<br/>

X-Mas Wax<br/>



The Digital logo<br/>

Back in 1987 I went to the graphic design group and got the largest photographic master of the logo they had. I scanned them, then used an early version of Adobe Illustrator to create the curves.

‘Simple’ Lambda Calculus in Prolog<br/>

I ended up writing a module for lambda calculations. It is a bit too involved to discuss in detail here, let me just note that it uses normal order evaluation, accepts Prolog terms as basic values, and allows to use global functions (or Lisp special forms) defined either as lambdas or as binary Prolog predicates.

SimpleDB vs CouchDB<br/>


Django book<br/>

RESTful SimpleDB<br/>

C++ Clips<br/>

Minty Amp<br/>


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