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Linkage 2007.12.14

Dec 14, 2007


What happens when you combine the most advanced, self-documenting, customizable, extensible real-time display editor, Emacs, with nethack, the most elaborate role-playing environment ever invented?

Emacs Lisp List<br/>

FP in Lisp<br/>

But as the port nears completion, I find myself questioning some of the design decisions. Did C++ force me down a path where Lisp can offer a better alternative?

Wiki2Zaurusz<br/> DD-WRT<br/>

What is Advice?<br/>

The advice facility allows you to affect the action of a function by adding code before, around or after the evaluation of forms defining a function. You may do this with interpreted or compiled functions without changing the source code or having to recompile.

(this is where I am going with transient scopes and corruption in Vodka)

Human sorting in Python<br/>


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