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Linkage 2007.12.05

Dec 5, 2007


Pylets is an object- and aspect-oriented framework for making mod_python applications.

This is nice motivation for a little project that I am working on currently.

CGI Python<br/> Again, some research for my own little project.<br/>

Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs (brilliant)<br/>


The intent of the map should be illustrated in a manner in which the percipient acknowledges its purpose in a timely fashion.

Old Norse for Beginners<br/>

Hér eru reiðir menn.

Learn Greek and Latin<br/>

Textkit is an all free language education website. Our core content is our library of freely downloadable Greek and Latin language books…

Google Mac Developer Playground<br/>

CouchDB and Javascript<br/>

Newton Storage History (a nice new feed for me)<br/>

The group was starting to realize that the Newton platform was way over budget on RAM. There was some neat work done by the kernel team to reduce the stack and other memory needed for threads, and I did some work in the heap managers to minimize virtual memory usage and fragmentation, but it was clear that we wouldn’t have enough RAM to store as much user data as we would need to; even reducing the application heap, we’d need another 128K or more to make people (ahem: Marketing) happy.


RDDB is a RESTful document-oriented database written in Ruby. Querying is accomplished through views using Ruby for the view language and materialization can be handled locally or through a distributed system.


Symbinia, Chapter 0<br/>

When next you reach into your satchel and extricate your insistently ringing cell phone, there is better than a seven out of ten chance that you’ll have something Symbian in your hand.


William S. Annis<br/>

Runtime Polymorphism in Clojure<br/>

Clojure multimethods are a simple yet powerful mechanism for runtime polymorphism that is free of the trappings of OO, types and inheritance. The basic idea behind runtime polymorphism is that a single function designator dispatches to multiple independently-defined function definitions based upon some value of the call.

Compiler writers and concurrency<br/>

It’s rare to find concurrency practitioners with the right mix of technical insight and commercial software success. Brian Grant is a former software architect at PeakStream, which was acquired in June by Google.


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