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Linkage: 2007.11.12

Nov 12, 2007

Chumby is here!<br/>

Lisp-flavored agile<br/>

Subjectivity of wine tasting<br/>

The elements of his style<br/>

prototype.js extensions<br/>

Plastic cup speaker<br/>

Static websites with Ruby<br/>


Netflix bronze<br/>


Sony Reader — A sad story<br/>

Spring vs. EJB 3<br/>


The transition from 16 to 32 bit increased our address space by a factor of 65 thousand. That’s big. We’ve been in the 32-bit era since about 1992; that address space has been good for about thirty years, give or take a few. The transition from 32 to 64 bit, whenever we finally make it, will increase our address space by a factor of four billion.

via Coding Horror<br/>

MacPro hacked with solid state HD<br/>

Stallman was wrong<br/>


100 things<br/>

Usenet: codegen from AST<br/>

Generative Code Specialisation for High-Performance Monte-Carlo Simulations<br/>

DVD storage<br/>

Why buy an OLPC XO?<br/>


Greatest bed ever<br/>

Brooks Robinson prints<br/> -m

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