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Linkage: 2007.10.11

Oct 11, 2007

In Rainbows Wikipedia article<br/>

/. on cracking Go<br/>

Adaptavist wiki patterns<br/>

Universal wiki converter<br/>

WordPress magazine themes<br/>

Use video memory as RAMdisk (rehash)<br/>


Get a human<br/>

100 Web 2.0 generators<br/>

interstellar slingshot using the sun (Google search)<br/>

Planetary grand tour<br/>

Limits to slingshot use<br/>


O-R Mapping techniques and strategies<br/>

Intro to Spring<br/>

Clang CFE internals<br/>

Microsoft’s Truskill ratings system<br/>

Subscribing template classes with object factories in C++<br/>

WebWork installation<br/>

Integrating Spring and Webwork<br/>

Parallel Python<br/>

David Allen<br/>

10 WiFi boosts<br/>

How Java web servers work<br/>

Text-indexing in Python<br/>


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