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Quick Book Reviews: June 2007

Jul 2, 2007

The Black Dahlia (0446618128)

Best crime fiction I’ve ever read.

The Night Stalker (0786018100)

Left me feeling a little hollow concerning the 3rd most memorable serial killer of my day.

The Scarlet Letter (0142437263)

Probably should have read this 15 years ago.

Storm Front: A Novel of the Dresden Files (0451457811)

I’d rather watch the show. I will not be continuing this series.

27 Men Out: Baseball’s Perfect Games (0743446070)

Liked the historical contexts, did not care for the box-score annotations.

Cobra II (1400075394)

Very good book. I finally understand what went wrong… I think.

Crash (0224007823)

Transgressional fiction before it really existed.


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