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Boys Are Easy

Jan 15, 2007

Whenever anyone asks me why I wanted to have a boy child, I relate the following story from my youth:

I changed schools in the beginning of the 8th grade and it was tough.
All of the kids in my grade knew each other from at least 6th and 7th
grade and I was picked on at first.  However, I remember one day in
gym class we were playing kickball and this a-hole kid came up to me
after I caught the ball and said, "come on!  give me the ball!  come
on come on!", so I threw the ball as hard as I could in the middle of
his chest.  Everyone in the class laughed (even the teacher) and the
kid never messed with me again.  After that it was easy to make

I mention this story because it relates to what I often to talk to Yuki about; boys are simple. In order to make friends and resolve conflicts boys are very simple in their approach… direct and swift. The above would not have worked a lick (or not as effectively anyway) had I been a girl. Girls are complex; and I know less about them than perhaps anyone.


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