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Linkage 2007.12.29

Application Frameworks<br/> Set theory useless?<br/> In other words most of mathematics can be carried out in second order arithmetic: roughly speaking this means that one can use the integers and subsets of the integers but nothing more complicated. MLB’s 2007 Wild and Wacky What was the most mathematically impossible pitching feat of the year? Kiko […]

Linkage 2007.12.28

The Closures Controversy<br/> Emacs GTD<br/> Huge Emacs Ref Sheet<br/> Reading On Lisp (plus the book itself)<br/> To someone with little experience with functional programming, basic computer science, or extensive lisp coding, much of it will seem pointlessly tedious and pedantic. Smart languages, dumb parsers<br/> In all three of these cases, having a simple syntax that […]

Weinreb’s Objective Statement?

My own primary criterion for an employer is that I get to work directly with extremely good software engineers who work well together. Nice post @ Dan Weinreb’s blog -m

My Life with Programming Languages

A comprehensive history of my programming language usage, exposure, and loves. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> -m

Linkage 2007.12.21

Serve SQL Data in XML Format<br/> Resist the temptation to build the XML by mixing the tags in the source document with the scripting code generating the tag values. Sooner or later, you’ll trip on one of the XML encoding rules you haven’t anticipated. Object Oriented JavaScript pt.1<br/> While the above may at first look […]