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Minotaur Computing Updates Are Go!

Dec 7, 2006

The initial layout and scheme of the Minotaur Computing site was developed a couple years ago, but hasn’t been changed in quite a long time. These basic elements will remain the same, however I am now motivated to clean things up a bit, add some content, and make it a site worth visiting (hopefully). The first obvious update is on the navigation page. That is, I have cleaned up the pictures, added two new fade-ins, and added a tool tip to the links. The main page with the maze remains the same because that code is freaking awesome (I think its construction requires a blog post one day) and it’s a source of an endless parade of unique mazes. The projects page is on the way as is the about page. The lower arm of the modus ponens navigation menu will most likely be a link to the library page, but what that might include is unknown (although I have a few ideas).
Check it out… provide suggestions.


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