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V for Vivisection

Nov 27, 2006

Do you remember the show V? Basiaclly, it was this show about these nice aliens who came down to Earth to spread joy and love and share their superior alien technology with the primative humans. As it turns out, these aliens were evil lizard creatures who loved eating mice and were bent on world domination.

Well, welcome to USA 2006. We have all the niceties of V: minus the mice eating lizards and the band of wiley heroes fighting against their hideous plans.

There are times when I would almost welcome the lizard kings if only they would give ole humankind a common enemy for which to loath. Instead, we are stuck with scandalous elections, impotent representatives, a laughing stock as our leader, big brother, software patents, blustering heads, and sensationalism in the news. Hell, at least the lizard people were kind enough to simply lie to us and then resort to laser attacks when they were exposed for what they really were. In the USA of 2006, lies are standard fare, and are quickly forgotten in light of the latest Britney scandal. It’s a sad sad state of affairs for which I am unable to fathom to its fullest. There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon come January 2007, but I fear that one form of corruption will mearly be replaced by another. I can try to remain hopeful, and look longingly toward the few shining stars in the dreary night’s sky, but it’s very difficult — very difficult indeed.


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