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Watching TV Oct06 Edition

Oct 5, 2006
                                <p>With the little boy in the world, TV has taken on a dull luster, however I still have a chance to check out things here and there.  Currently, my favorite show is something called <a href="">Survivorman</a> that chronicles the adventures of Les Stroud.  Basiacally, he gets a crew to drop him off in the middle of the woods, or mountains, or wooded mountains, with very little equipment (the last I saw he had 5 cashews, two pieces of jerky, and a match).  It&#8217;s pretty straight forward from there as he attempts to find his way out of the woods using his whits.  With my long-time obssession with living off the grid and survival techniques (although ironically, I hate the outdoors&#8230; go figure), this is the perfect show to burn an hour on.  I finally got around to watching season 6 of Oz, which was fairly good, but still couldn&#8217;t touch the glory days of seasons 1-3.  However, it did put the term &#8220;spooning&#8221; in a whole new light.  Speaking of Oz, it&#8217;s interesting to see a bunch of the actors from that show hitting it big with a couple guys getting a lot of face time on <a href="">Lost</a> and a little show called The Sopranos.  Finally, I&#8217;ve been recording Heroes, but just haven&#8217;t had the urge to watch an episodes yet, but I hear it&#8217;s pretty good.  That&#8217;s it&#8230; that&#8217;s all the TV watching I&#8217;ve done since the last TV post.</p>


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