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Beige and Beautiful

Feb 4, 2006

So I was surfing on Craigslist recently and came across a post for a Beige G3 Minitower for sale. 300MHz, 192 MB RAM, 8GB HD , pennies on the dollar. In a word perfect. I have been looking for a cheap, low-power machine to be a Subversion server with a simple backup system resident. My plans are to take this machine and install my old copy of Jaguar (currently installing… 2.4 hours to go). Next I will install Fink in order to install Apache, Subversion, and its Apache plugin. Next, I will create the Subversion repository and perhaps the script (after installing Python of course). Finally, I will create a script to backup the repository to the internal Zip100 drive and launchd it. On Ebay I’ve seen some compatible RAM chips for around $15, so I’ll probably grab one of those to speed things up a bunch. As I said… perfect.


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