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Feature Request: 0001

Jan 27, 2006

Perhaps I have just missed this feature, but I would love it if I could take a group of tabs on my browser and remotely start another browser with the same tabs. There have been many times where I happen to be reading a group of web articles at a given location only to be forced to leave, thus losing one or all of my links during the transition from memory to new browser at another location later. It would be nice to have a server listening at my home-base that receives remote link packets from me whenever I send them from my browser and either launches another browser with those links, creates a bookmark group with them, or appends them to my browser start page (the latter sounds like a potential plug-in to WordPress as server).

<p>As a first cut it would be nice to simply have those tabs sent via email&#8230; that would be a 90% solution.</p>

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